• September 29, 2023

GOOD NEWS: 7-11 Workers in Viral Beatdown Video Will NOT be Charged After All

 GOOD NEWS: 7-11 Workers in Viral Beatdown Video Will NOT be Charged After All

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A video of two 7-11 workers beating the tar out of a would-be robber recently went viral on social media. One worker tackled the thief and then the second worker began hitting him with a large stick.

Watch below:

Sikh grocery store owner was told that “there ain’t nothing you can do” repeatedly and that “ayy, just let him go” as they were being robbed. The Sikhs disagreed. pic.twitter.com/ZIb5CVLMNl

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) August 2, 2023

Last week it was announced that the workers would be investigated, causing backlash from the public which is sick of rampant crime going unpunished.

Now it has been announced that the workers in the video will not be charged.

KCRA News reports:

Stockton 7-Eleven clerks in viral beatdown won’t be charged, DA indicates

Two Stockton 7-Eleven clerks seen on video attacking a would-be thief shouldn’t expect to be charged in connection with the viral beatdown, the San Joaquin County District Attorney indicated on Tuesday.

“The Stockton 7-11 Store Clerks are not & have never been, suspects of the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office,” District Attorney Ron Freitas said in a statement. “Any Investigation going forward is to hold accountable the individual who threatened & attempted to rob them.”

Video of the July 29 assault has gained national attention. In the more than five-minute clip, a man can be seen emptying shelves of cigarettes and other products from the store’s shelves before the clerks step in to stop him. The clip shows one of the clerks pinning the man down while another beats the would-be thief with what appears to be a pole.

This is great news.

I’m relieved @kevinjlincoln says the Stockton 7-11 Sikhs are not suspects. But just in case, I contacted them and, with the help of law student @trisdhaliwal and @jpdeol, helped them secure great legal counsel. If necessary, we are prepared to defend them fully!


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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