• December 6, 2023

Hamas attacks were intended as a diversion

 Hamas attacks were intended as a diversion

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

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B y Frank D. Lovell -American Patriots -Free State of Florida

I always knew Israel created a highly trained, efficiently equipped military they accurately named Israel Defense Forces (IDF) because their mission has never been expansion, it is always the safety of Israel. However, I believe their greatest asset is the mentality not concentrated on their Safety but their Very Existence. Unlike most wars, this isn’t about concerns of land being lost but of their extermination by people who refuse to live in Peace. I hope Israel intends to attack the Hezbollah targets in the north, that is where the real threat to their existence exists, I feel the Hamas attacks were intended as a diversion while the major attack will come from Hezbollah. I believe this because I know the Israelis are not a people who will be fooled again when it comes to the integrity of governments. I’m confident most of the Israeli intelligence involves Hezbollah & this is all backed by Iran, I am also confident Israel can defeat all those who intend to kill them & they should finish it in this what could be the ‘Last Israeli War’ as it should be. Just an afterthought, there were people from 32 countries murdered in the Hamas attacks on Israel, I want to know where their countries’ voices are, and their resources, they all need to support Israel in any way they can, just saying.

House Hearings, debates, etc.

We now have a functioning Congressional House of The People. For those interested in what govt is doing & who is doing it, House hearings are critical. It’s the only place you become aware of both sides (debate or vote) & can decide where the ‘spin’ is, it separates fact from fiction because you are watching, listening in real time & can decide what you believe is factual. If you record, you need to record House hearings so you can watch anytime. If you want the truth forget the news, watch govt at work & tell others. We must all work towards an educated upcoming vote.

Middle East Peace

The Middle East has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity & I fear they will squander it. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, etc. all hate & fear Iran. The Iranian people hate their govt & the only way to free Palestinians is to eradicate Hamas so they can live in peace. They should all join forces with Israel & declare war against Iran & rid the Middle East of this terror once & for all.

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