• July 13, 2024

High School in Massachusetts Cancels ‘USA Day’ Because Administrators Fear it Will be too ‘Politicized’

 High School in Massachusetts Cancels ‘USA Day’ Because Administrators Fear it Will be too ‘Politicized’

Wellesley High School in Wellesley, Massachusetts, has decided to cancel ‘USA Day’ because the people in charge fear that it would be too politicized.

Do you ever wonder why so many young people in America hate our country? This might have something to do with it. Why is ‘USA Day’ controversial?

Here’s the best part, it was the kids who suggested it when asked, but the people who run the school shut them down.

FOX 25 News in Boston reports:

Wellesley high cancels ‘USA Day’, calls theme ‘politicized’

In a letter to parents and students, Wellesley High School said they canceled Friday’s “USA” theme as a part of spirit week to avoid controversy and politicization.

Spirit Week at Wellesley High is meant to unify the school ahead of their Thanksgiving football game. Students dress up and match each day’s theme.

Some themes this week included Throwback Thursday and Wild West Wednesday.

Olivia Spagnuolo is a member of the school’s Student Unification Program. Each year, the group comes up with daily themes. Their ‘USA Day’ theme was quickly shut down.

“The administration was not going to let this happen,” said Spagnuolo. “It wasn’t a topic for discussion.”

Spagnuolo added, “They said it was not allowed because it separated people at the school.”

Principal Jamie Chisum apologized for the pushback the decision created, explaining in a letter to the community:

“The high school Administration decided not to go forward with that spirit theme because it felt really different than the other themes kids came up with for the week. We felt that the topic has been politicized beyond our school and we wanted to avoid politics. We’ve had Mismatch Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Team Jersey Thursday and today was Fitness Friday. Monday is Monochrome Monday and Tuesday is Pajama day. Spirit Week is intended to be a light and fun way for our students to get excited about our pep rally and Thanksgiving Day football game.”

If these students were planning a BLM protest or a walkout for gender equity, would that also be too politicized? Probably not.

Here’s a local video report:

#WATCH: ‘I think it’s absurd… sad and depressing.’

‘I’m shocked.’

Parents, students spoke out on a day that was planned as USA themed— until Wellesley High cancelled fearing it was too ‘politicized’

The school apologized, and many still wore red, white, and blue. @boston25pic.twitter

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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