• December 2, 2023

Lawmaker Calls for Full Investigation Into Collusion Between Big Tech, Mainstream Media and Democrats

“So, let’s get back to the name-calling,” said “journalist” Leslie Stahl in an interview with then-President Donald Trump after dismissing what should have been one of the most consequential October surprises in presidential election history, the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The New York Post’s October 2020 bombshell story, which exposed a presidential candidate’s planned business deal with a CCP-affiliated company established precisely to enrich his family, set up so that the candidate himself, referred to as “The Big Guy,” would receive a 10 percent share of future profits, should have derailed Joe Biden’s campaign. The emails revealed in this game-changing report provided a road-map of the Biden family’s long history of influence peddling.

But we quickly learned that a scandal is only a scandal if Big Tech, the legacy media and a group of former intelligence community leaders say it is.

TRUMP: “What can’t be verified?”

STAHL: “The laptop!”

TRUMP: “Why do you say that?”

STAHL: “Because it can’t be verified.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) March 17, 2022

The New York Post reported that, far from denying the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden, or that it had been hacked, the Biden campaign said there was nothing on his “official schedules” about a 2015 meeting with a Ukrainian energy executive.

The collaboration which ensued between Big Tech, the legacy media and establishment veterans of the intelligence community who were deeply invested in a Biden victory, to discredit and/or to suppress the story can only be described as collusion.

Twitter and Facebook took the lead in the campaign to label the report as Russian disinformation. Big Tech openly censored the article on their platforms “to limit the spread of potentially false information” even as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted to lawmakers he had no evidence to prove the story was disinformation.

“We don’t”: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits they don’t have any evidence to say the New York Post Biden story is disinformation pic.twitter.com/Yl5Ltsy1a3

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) October 28, 2020

Facebook was all in as well.

This is part of our standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation. We temporarily reduce distribution pending fact-checker review. https://t.co/vf3CBvLmjj

— Andy Stone (@andymstone) October 14, 2020

Providing further “proof” that the article was nothing but a “smear” from a media outlet that openly endorsed Trump’s re-election, over 50 intelligence community officials signed a letter which called into question the authenticity of the report. The first four signers included former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former CIA Directors Mike Hayden, Leon Panetta and John Brennan, all of whom deeply despised Trump.

Essentially, the letter said that the Russians were trying to influence a U.S.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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