• July 25, 2024

Leader of Gun Control Group Complains They Can’t Get Congress to Limit the Second Amendment (VIDEO)

 Leader of Gun Control Group Complains They Can’t Get Congress to Limit the Second Amendment (VIDEO)

Liz Dunning of the Brady Campaign, a powerful gun control group, recently appeared on MSNBC and complained that despite the best efforts of her group, they just can’t seem to get Congress to limit the Second Amendment.

She highlighted two recent shootings in the Democrat-controlled cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Does anyone think these cities don’t already have strict gun control laws in place? Perhaps arresting and prosecuting criminals would help with the problem, rather than trying to disarm law abiding people.

Gun purchases have skyrocketed across the country in recent years precisely because people are worried about the crime that is flourishing under Democrats.

Townhall provides a partial transcript:

“We shouldn’t have to be brave to go to the movie theater or the grocery store, and fear can make you small. But what I would ask folks listening to this, to think about what they can do. Can they call a member of Congress? Can they call their senator? Can they talk to other members in their community? Because the fear that we have is making us quiet, it’s making us less likely to talk about the role that guns are playing in our families and our communities,” said Dunning.

“That advances the notion that we’re divided on this. We’re not divided on this. So, we need to talk to one another, join together and get loud. The work that we’re doing with Highland Park is just part of our work to get loud because listen, if the current composition of Congress can’t give us the laws that we need to ensure that our kids can live the lives they deserve, then we need new members of Congress. It’s that simple,” she added.

Watch the video below:

Townhall notes that the Brady Campaign is being challenged in a case in Illinois by the National Association for Gun Rights and that this case could go before the Supreme Court.

In the wake of the #HighlandPark mass shooting, Naperville, IL, banned the sale of assault weapons. But now that ban is being challenged. We should have the right to protect our communities, that’s why Brady Legal is representing Naperville in this fight. https://t.co/hQsG8DTs0F

— Brady | United Against Gun Violence (@bradybuzz) July 3, 2023

The left is never going to stop pushing for gun control, which is why Americans who believe in the Constitution and freedom must never stop pushing back.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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