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Leftist Professors are Ruining Universities

 Leftist Professors are Ruining Universities

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

I think that the above meme perfectly sums up why it is that leftist professors are ruining universities; they can’t keep their radical politics out of the classroom.

As someone who is politically active, I understand wanting to talk politics. Debating politics is interesting and helps expand the mind. But, only under a very specific set of circumstances.

Well, you’re probably asking, what are those circumstances?

1.Respectful Discussions

First off, the discussion has to be respectful. If people can’t keep their emotions in check or debate a topic reasonably, then any discussion is pointless. Unfortunately, that’s often the case when one raises a conservative viewpoint in the classroom.

Liberal students, wanting to virtue signal, react emotionally and unreasonably. Remember what happened when the Alabama Abortion Bill was passed? That’s what most every college political debate is like. Every single one is full of faked outrage and victimhood.

Like many corporations, such as Nike, liberal students and professors virtue signal to try and attract attention. Then, they enforce their views by shutting down any further debate. They can do so because of the tyranny of the majority, which is one of the biggest dynamics behind how leftist professors are ruining universities.

2.An Equal Power Dynamic

Next, the power dynamic in the classroom has to be equal. Otherwise, students will have to worry about academic retaliation. What do I mean by that? Well, many liberal students and liberal professors are on the same side and openly show their collusion. Because of that collusion, it can be difficult for conservative students to summon the courage to disagree.

So, while it’s true that lots of Gen Zers are conservative and that there are many young conservatives, it can be hard to see that in the classroom because the power dynamic in debates is almost always unequal. Professors side squarely with their liberal students, making it difficult for conservative students to speak up. That’s one of the biggest ways in which leftist professors are ruining universities.

3. A Common Set of Values and Objectives

This one is perhaps the most obvious way in which leftist professors are ruining universities. It used to be that Americans had a common creed and that creed was reinforced at college. Now, that’s no longer the case, as Samuel Huntington described in Who Are We? Challenges to America’s National Identity.

The main reason why Americans no longer have a common creed is leftist professors. Unhappy with the center-right, capitalist status quo that has existed in America since the Founding, leftist professors have taken it upon themselves to transform America in the USSR’s image.

The results of that are everywhere. The Democratic Party has changed and is now the party of socialism, illegal immigration, and abortion. Gone are the days of JFK and in are the days of radicals like AOC. Democrats then and now are very different.

That destruction of America’s common creed makes discussion impossible. There’s no longer a common ground to agree on at the outset of a debate, or even frame said debate in common terms. Instead, both parties bicker endlessly about the definition of terms such as socialism. What is “real” communism is an especially frequent argument.

How are we supposed to have real debates about topics such as whether capitalism or socialism is the ideology of greed, if Trump is a successful president, or what the Anti-Federalists were for if no one can even agree on common definitions? It’s as sad and pathetic as it is concerning.


In my eyes, it’s obvious that leftist professors are destroying universities. By inserting their opinions into debates, refusing to make students discuss topics respectfully, and destroying America’s common creed, liberals have wrecked academia.

Not all colleges have been destroyed by the ravaging force of leftist academics. Some institutions that still respect free speech still exist. Finding a university like that should be one of the many parts of any student’s college search process. Leftist professors are ruining universities, or at least most universities, by destroying discussions with communist propaganda and siding with liberal students. If you’re going to college, try to find one where that isn’t happening.

By: Gen Z Conservative, author of www.genzconservative.com

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