• December 7, 2023

Liberal Media Desperately Trying to Spin Idiot Leftist TikTokers Who Defended Osama bin Laden

 Liberal Media Desperately Trying to Spin Idiot Leftist TikTokers Who Defended Osama bin Laden

Over the last week, some young Americans who use the social media application ‘TikTok’ have been defending the writings of Osama bin Laden, the terrorist mastermind credited with organizing the attacks of 9/11.

It’s been horrific to watch. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse after all the campus protests for Hamas, things got worse.

Not only are these TikTok videos offensive, so is the liberal media’s ridiculous attempt to spin the story and defend these idiots.

This is an actual article from Wired Magazine:

The Bin Laden Letter Is Being Weaponized by the Far Right

A number of users have posted TikToks in recent days that share parts of Osama bin Laden’s 2002 “Letter to America,” where the deceased al Qaeda leader said the attacks on September 11, 2001, were justified. Posters used it to critique US foreign policy and have claimed that the letter changed their perspective. But while some have questioned the actual virality of these posts as conversations about these TikToks exploded on Thursday evening, far-right lawmakers and influencers have used the renewed interest in bin Laden to spread conspiracy theories about 9/11 and push their own anti-China agenda.

On his Thursday podcast, right-wing commentator and conspiracist Glenn Beck compared the TikTok posts to “the Antichrist forming,” and claimed the phenomenon shows “the terrifying threat America continues to face from global powers.” He then compared bin Laden’s worldview “to modern leftist talking points.”

Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, boosted conspiracies about public education. “Why is everyone shocked [that] a generation taught to hate America would embrace Osama Bin Laden?” Kirk wrote on Telegram.

One of his followers replied: “Not shocked. We as a whole let this crap happen in our ‘higher’ education. We did not pay attention to the way the marxists infiltrated and thought it was just going to go away. Not anymore!”

The issue has also led to renewed calls for TikTok to be banned by right-wing lawmakers who have repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that TikTok is used by the Chinese government to spy on US citizens.

“How dare Republicans notice that leftists are praising Osama Bin Laden and justifying the 9/11 attacks!” https://t.co/7dZSo7Jxh8pic.twitter.com/EnMGcrvhbO

— Chaya Raichik (@ChayaRaichik10) November 17, 2023

The “Bin Laden made some good points” discourse is just an indictment of education. Kids know only selective history if any, and they simply

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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