• July 25, 2024

Making a Positive Impact without Knowing They Are Making an Impact: 15 Great Tips for Friends & Family

 Making a Positive Impact without Knowing They Are Making an Impact: 15 Great Tips for Friends & Family

Most people who follow Corey’s Digs investigative reports are aware that there is a spiritual battle going on, in addition to multi-faceted agendas impacting our physical lives and livelihoods. And whereas all of us would very much like to witness the awakening of billions of people to this dark force, in an effort to better unite, some folks may only be able to see a few aspects of it, or lack discernment, or simply don’t have an abundance of time to research and analyze these complex layers. THIS is a helpful tool for those individuals. Although, there may be some great tips and tricks in here that others weren’t aware of and will also find helpful.

It dawned on me that people can contribute to fighting against these agendas being perpetrated on humanity, by making small adjustments in their lives that will better serve them and their families. This, in effect, would have an impact on the overall battle, and they wouldn’t even be required to delve into politics, debate various agendas and schemes, or go on the defense for someone trying to “convince them” of something. They would simply be making their lives better.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank all of those who have supported my work, and provide this tool in PDF format that can be downloaded for free and either emailed or printed and given to friends and family members, as opposed to pointing them to this article. These are tools that can benefit everyone, and everyone deserves help through these difficult times.

I believe most people are feeling it in their wallet, so that is a good way to introduce this list, by simply saying, “hey, I found this great list of ways we can save money and protect our assets, plus there are some other really cool tips in here!” Ultimately, this serves three purposes: 1) It will benefit your friends and family in their own lives. 2) It will help battle the beast. 3) The positive forward impact will have a ripple effect and the seeds will have been planted to set them on their path.


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