• September 25, 2023

Move to Green Energy Blocked by Rules Against Having Roads

Tongass National Forest (Unsplash) This article originally appeared on WND.com Guest by post by Bob Unruh  Not even gravel paths allowed Everywhere activists, corporations, government officials, even consumers are talking about green energy. The idea is to move away from fossil fuels to green energy, because of a climate emergency – even though 1,600 scientists say […]Read More

REPORT: Ivanka Trump Made Secret Trip to Maui to Help

Ivanka Trump speaks at campaign rally, Canfield, Ohio, October 31, photo by Kristinn Taylor No one has heard much from Ivanka Trump lately but she has apparently been busy. She recently traveled to Maui to help distribute food to victims of the fire there. She made the trip quietly and not for the sake of […]Read More

Nikki Haley Reveals Campaign Economic Plan, In Contrast With her

Ahead of the next GOP Presidential debate, former SC Governor Nikki Haley has unveiled her economic plan to pursue if she is elected President, even though she is currently a long-shot candidate trailing in the polls. Haley’s plan includes: Raising the Social Security retirement age for those currently under 40 years old Vetoing any budget […]Read More

MSM Slowly Comes to Grips With Ukraine’s Diminishing Support in

Slowly but surely, the Mainstream Media is coming to terms with the fact that the support for the Ukrainian regime has diminished considerably in many countries – including the US. The theme became unavoidable once Poland declared that it will no longer give weapons, ammunition and equipments to Kiev. The same Poland who has supplied […]Read More

Project Veritas Serves James O’Keefe with Lawsuit One Day After

Project Veritas on Thursday served James O’Keefe with a lawsuit one day after announcing it was suspending all operations. O’Keefe said there was between $6 million and $8 million cash on hand. “They’ve apparently spent all of it, raising almost no money at all since they ousted me.” ‘They’re trying to shut me down,’ O’Keefe […]Read More

Radical Left Mich. AG Says Trump Electors “Brainwashed”, Hurts her

This past week extreme-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel admitted to a friendly left-wing group that she couldn’t get 2020 Trump Electors in Michigan to flip and falsely testify against one another because they were “brainwashed” and actually believed that Trump won the 2020 election. Nessel’s statements are captured on video. Here is the transcript […]Read More

Good News

Good News Friday: 09/22/23 … DEFENDING THE REPUBLIC SEP 22, 2023 Share September 22, 2023 Dear Patriots, We were watching many stories continue to develop this week; the terrifying events on the border, the Ukraine war, the House machinations, the pathetic questioning of AG Merrick Garland, more evidence of election fraud, and a poorly dressed […]Read More