• September 29, 2022

Why Haven’t Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib Even

by Phyllis Chesler IPT News September 26, 2022 As of this writing, heartbreakingly brave Iranian women have been protesting for 10 days and nights in the streets of at least 80 cities. They are risking death for the right not to wear hijab. Women have been burning their hijabs (headscarves) and cutting their hair. They’ve been heard chanting “Women, Life and […]Read More

Strategy for Building Local Networks

By Jude Rose It’s 2022, and it’s time to have a plan. We face uncertain times, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do, especially when we work together. Building a local network is one of the aspects of our reality we can control. Many of us have realized the importance of building relationships […]Read More

A New and Better Way is just Around the Corner

Defending The Republic A New and Better Way is just Around the Corner Defending The Republic 2 hr ago September 25, 2022 . Dear Patriots, It sometimes seems that we are quietly biding our time until November 8.  When, hopefully, there will be a massive explosion of dissatisfaction, anger and frustration manifesting in massive turnout […]Read More

Americas Power

by Frank D. Lovell  American Patriot Free State of Florida Americas Power History has shown us governments can control a country’s people as some do today, it also shows us people can control government; America is the perfect example. Citizens possess the ultimate power over government in America, all we do is make our will […]Read More

Bombshell: Israeli Researchers Found Serious Vaccine Side Effects

M Dowling – September 25, 2022 Israel’s Ministry of Health commissioned researchers to investigate Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine [gene therapy] for adverse effects in December 2021. The research, which took a year, was shut down. This took place after a video leaked with the lead researcher discussing the so-called medical-legal consequences of publicizing the research findings. […]Read More

The media forget themselves on political violence

By Stephen L. Miller   -September 25, 2022 For roughly five years, the public was warned by journalists that former President Donald Trump’s dark rhetoric toward his political enemies and the media would result in mass violence and even murder. It didn’t happen. But in the wake of President Joe Biden’s red-drenched prime-time rant on Sept. […]Read More

In raid on home with seven children, FBI again acts

BYQuin Hillyer| 4 hours ago If the FBI and the Justice Department want critics to stop portraying the bureau as a menace to society, maybe FBI leaders and agents should stop acting like menaces. Conservative social media is blowing up this weekend about a sickeningly abusive, armed FBI raid on the child-filled home of a pro-life activist in Pennsylvania. And […]Read More