• April 14, 2024

Occupied Nation: How the CIA Created Modern Germany

By– Kit Klarenberg – April 9, 2024  The sprawling U.S. embassy in Berlin. [Source: spiegel.de] On February 4th, The Economist published a devastating analysis—or perhaps, “pre-mortem”—on the collapse of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) under Olaf Scholz’s stewardship. Elected in what the Western media contemporaneously branded a “shock” result in September 2021, hopes for his coalition government in many quarters were […]Read More

US Says Iran & Proxies Missile Strikes on Israel Are

By M DOWLINGApril 10, 2024 Biden has continually thrown Israel under the bus, but now his support for Israel is ironclad. As we just reported, a US Pentagon source said the US might join Israel in attacking Iran if they attack Israel. The source told Al Jazeera Arabic: “We do not rule out launching joint retaliatory strikes with […]Read More

Top General: Iran to Define Time, Manner of Response to

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s highest-ranking military commander gave an assurance that a revenge for the Israeli fatal strike on the country’s diplomatic mission in Damascus is inevitable, noting that Tehran will decide how and when to carry out the retaliatory operation. Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri on […]Read More

Moonbat Science with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

ByM DOWLING -April 9, 2024 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of the Party of Science, gave instructions on what the moon is made of – gases! Who knew? Most of us thought it was a body of rocks and minerals. Sheila is academically challenged.   Remember when Hank Johnson said this? He’s in the same […]Read More

CIA Officer Spills on How Horrible Some Are

By–M DOWLING -April 9, 2024 The video below is something that you will want to watch yourself. Don’t doubt me on that. The CIA/former FBI individual in the clip is quite a gabby showoff for CIA. He mentioned how they ensnared Alex Jones and how they entrap pro-life people. According to the spook, the CIA […]Read More

Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction confirms US tax dollars

Apr 9, 2024  By Christine Douglass-Williams The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, John F. Sopko, has confirmed the obvious: American tax dollars ended up in the hands of the Taliban. Beyond that, American weaponry for jihadists ended up in Kashmir and even Hamas. “Inspector general confirms American tax dollars end up in Taliban hands,” […]Read More

Joe Biden and the Back-Door War

By-DAVID REAVILL-April 6, 2024 President Biden has pursued the Ukraine Conflict with single-minded ferocity, spending hundreds of billions of US Dollars and costing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives. Here is my perspective. The American Political System aims to strike a delicate “balance of power” between the electorate, “we the people,” and those who govern […]Read More

Trump Co-Defendant Tells Fani Willis to Recuse Herself From Case

 Martin WalshApril 5, 2024 Source OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces legal action from one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in his Georgia election interference case if Willis “does not recuse herself from this case by noon on Monday.” Regarding claims that […]Read More