• October 2, 2023

Far Left MA Rep. Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘the Border is

Far left Massachusetts Rep. and ‘squad’ member Ayanna Pressley, appeared on CNN this week and insisted that the border is secure. When Jake Tapper pressed her slightly on her response, she launched into the usual Democrat talking points about the issue, claiming that the system is broken and that this is a humanitarian crisis. It’s […]Read More

Late Night Shows No One Missed Set to Return to

One of the upsides of the writer strike was that obnoxious, left wing late night hosts were off the air for months, not that anyone missed them. Now that the strike is over, they are planning their return to the airwaves. Will anyone notice? NBC News reports: Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy […]Read More

Americans Fund Transgenic Edible Food Research

By-M Dowling –September 28, 2023 Transgenic edible food research canceled in the House! This research contaminates food with the DNA of other creatures. What does transgenic mean in food? These foods are made by inserting genes of other species into their DNA Rep. Thomas Massie helped the House pass an amendment prohibiting USDA funding of […]Read More

MIC DROP: Matt Gaetz Blasts Government Spending and Senator Bob

Matt Gaetz had an amazing moment on the House floor this week, in which he slammed government spending and the alleged corruption of Senator Bob Menendez in one sentence. This was a true mic drop moment. RedState reports: Matt Gaetz Delivers the Line of All Time on Dems’ Dedication to Wasting Our Money A government […]Read More

New Comprehensive Study on a COVID Drug Meant to Cure

By M Dowling -September 27, 2023 The SARS-CoV-2 virus is undergoing an unexpected pattern of changes. According to a study, an oral antiviral treatment called molnupiravir used to treat COVID-19 causes changes in the viral genome during replication. While the drug harm or kill the virus, it also induces other persistent mutations. Molnupiravir or Lagevrio, […]Read More