• September 29, 2022

Documentary Exposes COVID PLANDEMIC

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Film producer Mikki Willis self-funded and self-published the most censored and most-viewed documentary in 2020 exposing the fraud concerning the COVID-19 “pandemic” that he and others have correctly relabeled as the “Plandemic.” If you have never watched it, you are truly missing very important information about the pre-planned event […]Read More

VAERS: 37-Year-Old Oklahoma Man Dead 2 Days After Monkeypox Vaccine

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News The latest update of the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) today (Friday, September 23, 2022) records the death of a 37-year-old Oklahoma man two days after receiving the JYNNEOS/BAVARIAN NORDIC monkeypox vaccine. He was vaccinated on September 7th, and died two days later on September 9th. (Source.) This […]Read More

Thanks to Democrats, the IRS is coming to your front

By Rep. Jason Smith-September 23, 2022 Democrats in Washington just added $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service ’s budget, supercharging and rewarding an agency that has a notorious track record of abusing its power for political purposes. Nine years ago, the Obama-Biden IRS was caught targeting conservative organizations leading up to the 2012 presidential election. People […]Read More

Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning

National Grid and Eversource are the two major electricity providers for Massachusetts. Both companies have notified the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) that rates for electricity are about to skyrocket. National Grid has announced a 64% increase in electricity rates effective November 1st. While Eversource is on a different schedule, they too have announced an […]Read More

Bombshell! The Bidens Tried to Sell US Gas & Oil

M Dowling – September 23, 2022 President Joe Biden’s family business just three years ago involved deals trying to sell key gas and oil assets to our enemies, Communist China. Obviously, the FBI should be investigating this family. Just the News obtained memos from “the Hudson West III LLC partnership that presidential son Hunter Biden […]Read More