• September 28, 2023

Radical Democrats Threaten to Blow Up Target Stores

 Radical Democrats Threaten to Blow Up Target Stores

Target is down 15% in sales since their efforts to groom children were publicized. They’ve tried to hide what they are doing and incurred the wrath of the LGBTQIA2SSAA+ Pride mafia. Target put the PRIDE indoctrination goodies in the backs of stores.

According to KPLC, bomb threats targeted several Louisiana stores. The Right is boycotting them, and Trantifa Democrats want to blow them up.

Trantifas are the new transgender Antifa Democrats. Antifas morphed into transgenders.

It’s been a tough month for Target as they became ESG-approved groomers.

Target received threatening emails.

“We will not tolerate intolerance nor indifference. If you are not with us, then you are against us. That is why we placed a bomb in each of your locations; evacuate now as this is only to cause economic damage,” one of the emails said.

Other Target stores have incurred the wrath of these radical people.

“These threats, which impacted Target stores in the greater Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City areas, came in the form of an email from a ‘bogus email address,’” according to local news outlet KUTV.

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