• July 14, 2024

Read more Biden’s DOJ Charged Key Whistleblower of Hunter’s CCP Deals

 Read more Biden’s DOJ Charged Key Whistleblower of Hunter’s CCP Deals

What a coincidence. The Department of Justice indicted Gal Luft, a Maryland think tank co-director, who accused Hunter Biden of corruption. Mr. Luft came forward only days ago. If the charges are accurate, he would likely know about Hunter’s dealings with China.

Luft is charged under FARA, which only applies to people the Obama-Biden people don’t like. They also claimed he sold weapons, lied, and violated Iranian sanctions.

“Gal Luft, a Dual U.S.-Israeli Citizen, Allegedly Evaded FARA Registration While Working to Advance the Interests of China in the United States and Sought to Broker the Illicit Sales of Chinese-Manufactured Weapons and Iranian Oil to China,” the DOJ announced.”

Luft said he has never sold weapons.

Ironically, it’s the charge Gal Luft made against Hunter Biden, for which there is a lot of evidence.

The Southern District of New York “announced today the unsealing of an eight-count Indictment charging GAL LUFT with offenses related to willfully failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (“FARA”), arms trafficking, Iranian sanctions violations, and making false statements to federal agents.  LUFT, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, was arrested on February 17, 2023, in the Republic of Cyprus based on the charges in the Indictment.  LUFT subsequently fled after being released on bail while extradition proceedings were pending and remains a fugitive.”

Where are the FARA charges against Hunter?

Senator Ron Johnson wants Mr. Luft granted immunity to testify to what he knows about Hunter and Joe Biden’s dealings with the Chinese Communist government.

He hasn’t been arrested yet. He’s indicted. He was indicted only days after he came forward and released the video.

There is more information on this link.

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