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Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens

 Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens

By Adrian J. Wright


This report will require several parts to conclude. It will take the reader through a series of events from the personal evidence and stories of families who have gone and continue to live through it.

Part Two: Pro(Bait)and Switch

While some family members attend to the needs of a senior or disabled adult who may have just experienced a life altering incident, others are planning a long awaited scheme on how to “care” for their loved one. “They” are the “responsible ones” that need to ensure that just in case things go south, everyone benefits from it fairly and equally.

Here’s the sad reality; what happens when a senior, (usually mom or dad) goes through a health-related incident that leaves them out of commission for a while, a disgruntle child and/or other closely related member of the family, sees this as an opportunity to right a wrong they felt was done to them. Maybe they were not the favorite child growing up, maybe they were the ones that disappointed their parents time and time again by refusing to obey the directives, maybe, they are a jealous sibling that never measured up to the successes achieved, or maybe, they were not the ones left with the Powers of Attorney to make decisions in the event something did happen.  All too often, this is what initiates the entry into the Probate Court system, especially if there is any sizable estate involved!  What should be a time for families to unite to care for their loved one, sadly ends for the senior or disabled adult being ripped of their rights and possessions and thrown aside like a useless rag!

Let’s be clear about the roles of these “actors” in the Probate Court and Guardianship systems; they are not there in the best interest of the senior or disabled adult! They are in it for themselves! They are like the ravenous wolves spoke of in the Bible, looking to see whom they can devourer and destroy with an eerie sense of enjoyment. These are heartless individuals working in concert with the “concerned” family member who allegedly is trying to sort out how best to assist the incapacitated loved-one through the process of full recovery. Forget about ambulance chasers that are forbidden by law to show up at an accident scene. No, these are the experts. Their road to riches starts with the staff at the hospitals and or rehabilitation centers; you know, the social workers who set the stage for the acrimony among the family, disregarding the Powers of Attorney directives because they know best, and after sizing up the chosen family member outlined in the POA documents, decided to ignore the legality of the pre-arranged directives and act as the feeder system for the courts, setting up the bait and switch!

So, the stage is set, the script is being written, and the call to audition the cast is underway.
Part Three of Silver Lining will step you through this legal orchestration and how courts systematically removes advance directives.

Adrian Wright is an independent investigative and forensic journalist in Chicago, Illinois

To contact or contribute to the Report, contact her at [email protected]


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