• January 18, 2021

FOX News Moving Martha MacCallum To 3PM Slot – 7PM

A shakeup is coming at FOX News. Now that they are feeling an effect on their ratings, they are trying to make changes. Martha MacCallum is being taken out of the 7 PM slot and is being moved to 3 PM. The 7 PM slot will now be a conservative opinion show. MSN reports: Facing […]Read More

WATCH: MyPillow CEO Slams Fox News’ Election Coverage And Makes

The MyPillow CEO spoke at the Women For America First Rally where he slammed Fox News for prematurely calling Joe Biden the winner of Arizona’s presidential electoral votes. Lindell stated, “It’s of epic proportions that this election was stolen. This isn’t a few votes here and there. This is like six to 10 million votes. […]Read More

FOX NEWS CRASHES! Viewers Cut in Half in 3 Weeks

Three weeks ago FOX News was riding high. It’s ratings had never been higher thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters. Then the fraudulent election took place and FOX immediately disowned their audience. Trump supporters were no longer welcome. And if anyone dared to question the fraudulent election they were immediately mocked and sneered at. […]Read More

If You Haven’t Quit Watching FOX News Yet… Watch this

For months now it has been obvious that FOX News hates their audience. They want a new one. The Fox News Channel crashed in ratings on Saturday, coming in a distant third place to leader CNN and second place MSNBC. In the week before Tuesday’s election Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of CNN and […]Read More

REPORT: Shares Of FOX News Parent Company FOX Corp. Have

Things keep getting worse for FOX News. Their coverage of the 2020 election has driven away a massive portion of their fan base, which feels betrayed by the network. It has already had a disastrous effect on ratings. Now we learn it is hitting the company’s bottom line. The Business Insider reports: Fox Corp. tumbles […]Read More

Anger Grows Among Fans Of FOX News Over Network’s Coverage

One of the things that has been amazing to watch in this election cycle, is the presentation on FOX News and the way people are reacting to it. People who consider themselves fans of the network are not happy with the direction it’s headed it, and are making themselves heard on social media. For instance, […]Read More

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