• December 3, 2021

Michigan School System Closes After ‘Large Number’ of Teachers Become

Numerous schools in a Michigan township closed on Monday after numerous staff members fell ill suffering “negative reactions” from COVID-19 booster shots. As employees get fired or resign from their jobs for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate, schools in the Saginaw school district and around the country are substantially understaffed. After numerous staff […]Read More

UPDATE: Gov. Newsom’s Wife Defends His Absence After Taking Booster

California Governor Gavin Newsom has disappeared from the public since getting a Covid booster shot. Newsom got a Covid booster on October 27 and posted video of him getting the jab online. VIDEO: Get your booster. pic.twitter.com/xuvX5X6HZu — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) October 27, 2021 Newsom abruptly cancelled his trip to Scotland and hasn’t been seen […]Read More

Hillary and Dr. Fauci Meet Up at Funeral – Look

They looked like long-lost lovers so happy to be reunited at a funeral. Hillary Clinton and Dr. Fauci, two Americans who have done more to destroy this country than any others living, other than Obama, met up yesterday at the funeral for vaccine-protected General Colin Powell.  They looked like long lost lovers.  Sick. Before losing […]Read More

Jan 6th Political Prisoner Chris Worrell to be IMMEDIATELY Transferred

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered that a January 6th political prisoner be immediately transferred out of the DC Gulag after an unannounced US Marshals inspection of the facility found detainees were forced to live in “deplorable” conditions and were denied necessary medical care. The defendant, Chris Worrell, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma while incarcerated […]Read More

RED WAVE: Republican Elected City Attorney In Deep Blue Seattle

The elections this week were full of surprises and Republicans won races all over the place. In blue Seattle, a Republican woman named Ann Davison was elected city attorney. This is a city where police have been defunded and demoralized. KING 5 News reports: Ann Davison elected next Seattle city attorney nn Davison was elected […]Read More

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