• April 13, 2021

WATCH: Man Cusses Out CNN on Live Television For Making

CNN reporter in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota was cussed out on live television for making things worse as the city gets torn apart by rioters. The man snapped at Sara Sidner, a far-left activist-reporter, asserting that they are “twisting up the story” and “all the press and all the extra sh*t y’all do makes this worse.” […]Read More

Portland Police Declare Riot As Protesters Vow To Burn Precinct

Predictably, the rioters in Portland, Oregon, took to the streets in an attempt to match their counterparts in Brooklyn Center, MN. They *PEACEFULLY* set dumpsters on fire, *PEACEFULLY* threw rocks through windows of a police precinct, *PEACEFULLY* threw fireworks at police, and *PEACEFULLY* chanted Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.” *PEACEFULLY*, […]Read More

Rules Are for the Little People: Gov. Whitmer’s Top Aide

Rules are for the little people. Michigan tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s top aide was caught red-handed partying in Florida for spring break while her boss still has travel restrictions in place back in Michigan. Tricia Foster, who was appointed by Whitmer as the state’s Chief Operations Officer, posted several photos from the Florida Keys, according […]Read More

“Our Support Was So Big, Never Seen Before – That

President Donald Trump released a new statement on Monday blasting The New York Times This comes after their latest hit piece where they claim the Trump Administration “duped” donors into donating more than once to the campaign. I have not run into one Trump supporter who said this was a problem for them. But the […]Read More

Virtually No Supporters Show Up to Greet 81 Million Vote

Kamala Harris traveled to Oakland, California on Monday in her first visit to her hometown since Inauguration Day. Harris traveled to the Bay Area to tour a water treatment facility to promote Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal. Virtually no supporters showed up to greet Kamala Harris…in her own hometown – but she got 81 million votes. […]Read More

“The City Council Are Raging Idiots – Ignore Actual Facts

The City of Portland, Oregon has lost 115 police officers since July 2020. 74 retired and 41 resigned. The situation for police officers in Portland is so bad that nearby Spokane, Washington is advertising for cops in Portland in a very public billboard campaign. And police officers are roasting city officials in their exit interviews. […]Read More

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