Larry C. Johnson: Joe Biden – The Art of the

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson Joe Biden may not be the brightest light bulb in the tanning bed, he he knows how to work the Washington incest and looting system, which operates under the guise of lobbying but is really about selling access. Joe Biden sold out his country so that he could enrich […]Read More

Chelsea Handler Scolds 50 Cent For Supporting Trump: “I Had

You rarely get to see a better example of the liberal mindset than this. Hollywood progressive Chelsea Handler recently admitted that she scolded her former boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent for supporting Trump. She actually said she needed to remind him he was a black person. She clearly thinks she knows what’s best for black people. […]Read More

Newly Released Pic: Hunter Plays Rough in Bed With Black

Warning: If you Tweet or post this on Facebook the Communist left will ban you We are tying to keep this clean. We really are. Here’s the latest Hunter Biden photo released tonight by G-TV. Hunter plays rough with black woman. He’s a racist just like pops. From a previous report tonight. Earlier tonight China’s […]Read More

UPDATE: Former Hunter Biden Associate in Fear for His Life

On Friday news broke that Hunter Biden’s former business partner Bevan Cooney had flipped. Cooney, who is currently serving time in a federal facility in Oregon over a bond scheme, recently connected to journalists Matthew Tyrmand and Peter Schweizer and turned over his emails to the investigative journalists. Bevan Cooney reportedly turned over 26,000 business […]Read More

Home Depot Co-Founder: Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Will Put The

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone was on the FOX Business Network this week to discuss the election, specifically Joe Biden’s tax plan. Biden keeps claiming he is only going to tax the rich, in an obvious effort to appeal to the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat party, but the truth is that his plan […]Read More

BREAKING: Biden Campaign Pulls Ad After Truth About Wealthy MI

Yesterday, we wrote about Joe Malcoun, co-owner of the popular “The Blind Pig” bar in Ann Abor, MI, home to Univ. of Michigan, who appeared in a new Joe Biden television ad, where he blamed President Trump for Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to shut down businesses during the COVID pandemic. In the “The Blind Pig” ad, […]Read More

Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn

Trump supporters in Milford and Brookline, New Hampshire received letters threatening to burn down their homes “should Trump not concede the election.” The homeowners who received the threatening letters displayed Trump 2020 signs on their yards. WMUR reported that police in Milford, New Hampshire are working with the US Postal Inspection Service to track down […]Read More

HUGE! Michigan Court Steps in And Prevents 14-Day Absentee Ballot

** The Trump Campaign recently launched the Lawyers for Trump Coalition and the Protect the Vote website. If you are not willing to fight the Communists you will be ruled by the Communists. The Democrats cheered another victory in late September after officials in North Carolina agreed to accept late ballots up until November 12 […]Read More

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