• December 1, 2023

The Republican Guard Prepares Offensive Weapons Against MAGA Influence – The Right Wing of the National UniParty Begins Assembling

 The Republican Guard Prepares Offensive Weapons Against MAGA Influence – The Right Wing of the National UniParty Begins Assembling

ANNAPOLIS, MD – November 17: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan holds a press conference to address COVID-19 concerns in Annapolis, MD on November 17. (Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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With the Sea Island professionally Republican convention completed we now enter that time in Republican politics where the people who assembled for the gathering begin to seed the next election narrative.   The timing is not coincidental, yet few people pay attention, that’s where we come in.

The backstory on last week’s Sea Island meeting IS HERE.  We all know these people, though sometimes we can be distracted by their Machiavellian schemes and manipulations.  Exactly on cue, the Associated Press steps up to deliver the advanced revelations of the quiet discussion:

(VIA AP) –  Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is planning trips to Iowa and New Hampshire. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., is considering a rough timeline for a potential presidential announcement. And allies of Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., are openly talking up her White House prospects.

More than two years before the next presidential election, a shadow primary is already beginning to take shape among at least three fierce Republican critics of former President Donald Trump to determine who is best positioned to occupy the anti-Trump lane in 2024.

Their apparent willingness to run — even if Trump does, as is widely expected — represents a shift from previous years when “Never Trump” operatives failed to recruit any GOP officeholders to challenge the incumbent president. But with the 2024 contest almost in view, the question is no longer whether one of Trump’s prominent Republican critics will run, but how many will mount a campaign and how soon they will announce.


Those close to Cheney, Hogan and Kinzinger expect one of them, if not more, to launch a presidential bid after the 2022 midterms. While all three are nationally known to some degree, their goal would not necessarily be to win the presidency. Above all, they want to hinder Trump’s return to the White House, at least compared with 2020, when his allies cleared the field of any Republican opponents and persuaded some states to cancel primary contests altogether.

“It’s there as an option, but it’s not necessarily because this is all some big plan so I can be in the White House,” Kinzinger told The Associated Press when asked about his timeline for deciding on a presidential run. “It’s looking and saying, ‘Is there going to be a voice out there that can represent from that megaphone the importance of defending this country and democracy and what America is about?’ There certainly, I’m sure within the next year or so, will be a point at which you have to make a decision.

“If it’s not me doing anything, certainly we’ll be all in for whoever can represent us,” Kinzinger said.  (read more)

Look, let’s cut through the bulls**t, because time is of the essence,and I have far too much respect for you to play the pretend game.  View that Associated Press article for the reality that it represents.

We all know the DC political system is fully aligned against We The People.  We are the threat to them.  The ordinary citizens of this great nation are the elements of society they must control in order to retain their illusions, power and influence.

There is only one overarching political party in Washington DC, and it is made up of two wings, Democrats and Republicans.  As voters enter the 2022 mid-term cycle, the aspect that matters to the DC UniParty is their ability to influence who we select as candidates for the November election.

Despite their earnest efforts, there is still a framework of a voting system that runs adverse to their interests.  To the extent that free thinking people can vote independently, the voting public will always be viewed as a threat.  Mitigating that threat is their primary objective right now.  THAT is the big takeaway from the Sea Island conference that just concluded.

The goal is always the same, protect the business operations in Washington DC at all costs.  With the 2022 election year upon us, and with the primary season starting soon, the GOPe wing of the UniParty must share and discuss their strategic defense initiatives.

People used to call this the “establishment” Republicans, but really, that’s too generic a word for what they do.  These are the deceptive elites – the lying, conniving, scheming bastards. They represent the vile pus at the bottom of a lanced boil from a rotting blue whale carcass that can stink an entire city.

They call themselves conservatives, hence “DeceptiCons” gets the specificity of their intent.

Engage deliberately.

Let’s roll…

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