• April 14, 2024



Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

What has Joe done?

Well, this is a pretty long list, but I will try my best to capture most of it which started the moment he took over the White House.

1. Did away with our energy independence & exportation which resulted in workers being unemployed, a rise in inflation & forced us to buy oil from Russia which is now funding the Russian war machine. By the way, Putin didn’t cause inflation, which was on the rise before the war.

2. Opened our southern border allowing millions of people to walk into our country, gave them our $, & transported them across our country without a covid test & not knowing who they are or where they went.

3. Caused the death of 13 soldiers in Afghanistan, left the terrorists 84 billion in military equipment & left Americans stranded in hostile territory.

4. Prevented the shipment of covid treatment drugs to the states resulting in harm to Americans.

5. Allowed crime to run rampant in cities across the country failing to enforce our laws & keep Americans safe.

6. Labeled parents as terrorists who were merely trying to keep their children safe from harmful teachings.

7. Issued covid mandates resulting in Americans losing their jobs.

8. Closed our schools based on no scientific evidence causing harm to our children.

9. Placed a Justice on the Supreme Court, with the help of Rinos, who doesn’t believe in the Constitution.

10. His actions have weakened America on the world stage & endangered our national security.

11. Is allowing Russia to negotiate our treaty with Iran, yes that is true.

12 We are being fed false info by the media on the Ukrainian war. You don’t need to see the complete video, just the part when a dead man adjusts his body bag, the? is what is going on? https://www.bitchute.com/video/nLN5lNBAlSm2/

13. Reformed our military, to a “Woke” agenda endangering our country.

14. Passed Congressional bills which gave millions of our $ to interests that support Democrat causes.

15. We now have evidence of an attempted coup against the last President by the CIA.

16. Evidence has also been proven of election fraud in at least 6 states.

I could go on but just wanted to give you some highlights of what we are up against. Another major & profound? what has Joe done for America; can anyone name just one? I’m sure one of those woke people can tell us.

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

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