• July 3, 2022

Defending the Republic Good News

Defending The Republic 1 hr ago June 10, 2022 Dear Patriots, As usual these days, there is a lot of news. Much of it is distressing. Here is a collection of hopeful news for you to take into the weekend. 1- We alerted you to Defending The Republic suing the FDA for information on the Moderna […]Read More

Michigan State Police seize voting machine in 2020 investigation

by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor  | May 05, 2022 State police raided a western Michigan township as part of an investigation into reports of unauthorized access to voting machines after the 2020 election. One tabulator was seized in Irving Township on Friday, Barry County Clerk Pamela Palmer told CNN. Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll told WOOD-TV, an NBC affiliate, that the […]Read More


What has Joe done? Well, this is a pretty long list, but I will try my best to capture most of it which started the moment he took over the White House. 1. Did away with our energy independence & exportation which resulted in workers being unemployed, a rise in inflation & forced us to […]Read More

The Great Reset | Mike Adams Breaks Down Yuval Noah

Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS Published April 15, 2022 The Great Reset | “Microchips to Implant Under Your Skin. Most Likely Implanted In Your Hand.” – https://rumble.com/v10y221-the-great-reset-microchips-to-implant-under-your-skin.-most-likely-implante.html Mike Adams – Pharmaceuticals Derived from Snake Venom – https://www.naturalnews.com/images/Pharmaceuticals-Derived-from-Venom-1280.jpg Snake venom company Venomtech announces partnership with Charles River Laboratories, which ran Fauci’s “secret island” of medical experiments on […]Read More


NSA Spying ON YOU  The US government, with assistance from major telecommunications carriers including AT&T, has engaged in massive, illegal dragnet surveillance of the domestic communications and communications records of millions of ordinary Americans since at least 2001. Since this was first reported on by the press and discovered by the public in late 2005, […]Read More


MIRANDA DEVINE  April 10, 2022 10:27pm OPINION Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email Copy The Biden family scheme unravels By Miranda Devine April 10, 2022 10:27pm  Updated President Joe Biden continues to deny any knowledge of Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, although evidence seems otherwise. If the grand jury in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden’s business ventures does its job […]Read More