• September 29, 2023

What on Earth

 What on Earth

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

by Frank D. Lovell  American Patriots

Free State of Florida

What on Earth


I can no longer neglect saying I have been watching this series on the Science channel called “What on Earth.” If you want knowledge on what has happened in the past on this planet or what is happening today be it past civilizations now buried under ground we could never find, or a military listening facility located off the Florida coast in Cuba involving China, Russia, etc. Last week I saw the news talking about the listening compound in Cuba, which was good, yet I already knew that. I like a TV Series where you learn facts involving the planet you live on. I think you’ll enjoy watching this, more so if you record them.


We need to communicate with those Americans so depressed they no longer vote because it doesn’t matter, it’s all corrupt. I agree with the corruption but not with ‘it doesn’t matter.’  We all matter because we are all responsible for not electing the America Patriots to public office. You do matter & America needs you to step back in as an active American, we all need you. If you believe in America in your heart then it’s your duty to vote, America needs a Massive vote to send the message Americans still believe in the system of govt our Founders created & are making their voice heard in unity. So please don’t feel it doesn’t matter, it matters if you care. Now is the time in our history for all Americans to stand together, you must vote, which means you must pay attention to events in America.


I would suggest Trump’s talk in Ga for a summary of events in America. https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/videos/613282050760897/ Then decide for yourself who is best to lead America in 2024 after you decide the info is factual. It’s easy to verify facts but first, you must be aware of them & Trump makes you fully aware in simple language. If you know someone who needs facts to decide how they will vote, send them a Trump talk & let them decide, we owe Americans that info.


This brings us to the bottom line. There is only one political party capable of saving America. If you have issues with that party, ask yourself what have you done to improve it? Again, it’s always our fault, we just need to admit it & correct it. This brings us to your only option, vote Republican in 2024.


The more people hear about Trump’s indictments the more attention they pay & many are now supporting Trump. The info may have received leaves them with the thought, all this isn’t about Trump, it’s about his message. Even those who wouldn’t normally support Trump now see beyond Trump that this is all about America. All they want is to preserve America they know & only Trump offers an effective solution, coupled with his Presential history. That’s my version of what Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group pollsters discovered. I always knew there was a movement of people more concerned about America than politics.


What has backfired on the left is by people seeing what the power of govt can do to an individual who has the means to defend themselves, what could that govt do to the average Americans who disagree with them & lack resources to defend themselves? The left knows they must get rid of Trump, they didn’t count on Americans realizing they have to get rid of ‘them,’ & Trump seems to be the obvious solution. We honor those who ‘serve their country’ as we should. The question I have is what do ya do when a massive number of average Americans step forward & ‘serve their country’? You look at each other & say TY for your service. What is developing today is America is amassing a vast army of American Patriots who intend to vote for Trump, in doing so they restore this Republic & America prospers.


Now stay tuned for Trump’s response to the indictment in the Miami Florida federal courthouse on Tuesday, that’s tomorrow.


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