• December 3, 2023

America First Legal- Top Headlines…

 America First Legal- Top Headlines…



America First Legal Weekly Newsletter >> 04-02-22


BIG STORY YESTERDAY: The Biden DOJ sent a letter to all states threatening doctors who refuse to chemically neuter or surgically castrate patients with gender confusion. America First Legal sued to stop HHS from carrying out this vile threat. We were ahead of the curve on this back in August of 2021 – Read about it and support our efforts >>


AFL – Top Headlines…

America First Legal Demands Answers Regarding The Implementation Of Biden’s Racial Equity Agenda: “The Biden Administration has already demonstrated its willingness to take illegal and unconstitutional actions in the name of Equity. For example, the SBA’s racially preferential treatment in administering COVID relief, and USDA’s racially discriminatory criteria when administering its loan-forgiveness program, which AFL has fought against from the start and successfully stopped…”

America First Legal Excoriates Biden Administration For Issuing Radical New Regulation Codifying Open Borders: “Make no mistake: the Biden Administration’s new policy reduces our Southern border to nothing more than an asylum factory, further incentivizing mass migration from around the world and preventing our law enforcement officials from protecting Americans and the border…”

NEW America First Legal Releases Printable Version of The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit For Parents: “This toolkit informs parents of their rights…Schools across the country are indoctrinating our children with toxic ideologies – like Critical Race Theory and transgender indoctrination – for the stated purpose of undermining our parents’ Constitutional rights and to tear down…”


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