• July 14, 2024

Boston University Hires ‘Disinformation’ Expert Who Doubted Hunter Biden Laptop Story

 Boston University Hires ‘Disinformation’ Expert Who Doubted Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Joan Donovan is a self-described ‘disinformation’ expert who was fired by Harvard University in recent months but just got hired by Boston University.

She is a figure of the far left and she doubted the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop when the story broke before the 2020 election.

FOX News reports:

Boston University hires Harvard misinformation scholar and Hunter Biden laptop skeptic

Former Harvard misinformation expert and Hunter Biden laptop skeptic Joan Donovan will be the newest faculty member at Boston University.

Reports from both the Washington Post and the Boston Globe confirmed Donovan’s new position as assistant professor in the journalism department and the division of emerging media studies…

Ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Donovan spoke on the Harvard Kennedy School podcast PolicyCast, expressing her skepticism at the original story.

“The sourcing of the laptop being dropped off in Delaware at a lonely repairman’s shop that’s just… If you can charge $85 for fixing a broken laptop, I want to know you. It’s a broken laptop, right? So, the sourcing of it just stinks of tradecraft. It stinks of a drop. And many cyber-security professionals are waiting for an opportunity to forensically analyze the contents of this hard drive,” she said.

She added, “What we see as researchers when they’re trying to make a story happen time and time again, and it doesn’t, then you start to see the intensification and adaptation of tactics. So, we pretty much expected more and different styles of attack, including a leak, but was really suspicious of it, is you’ve got someone with millions of dollars. He can’t afford Geek Squad at Best Buy to come to his house for the laptop that he’s evidence of crimes on? I mean, it’s really hard to believe.”

So for being completely wrong about this major story, she got rewarded with a sweet new gig.

Woke Boston University welcomes Harvard ‘misinformation scholar’ Joan Donovan

Who said #HunterBiden laptop was fake

Misinformation scholar

Well he/her/it, you’re going to fit right in#AOC will be so proud~#TwinkiesLivesMatterpic.twitter.com/XCoVFDkOY1

— TruthInBytes (@bytesintruth) August 16, 2023

Is there any wonder why Americans increasingly distrust higher education?

Boston University Hires ‘Disinformation’ Expert Who Doubted Hunter

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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