• July 21, 2024

Entitlement – greatest weapon of Democratic Party.

It is no secret that one of the major arguments that democrats are using is entitlement.

They tell their constituents that they are entitled to free health care, free tuition, free this, free that.

Being that our younger generation already feel that they are entitled to things, it is an easiest psychological weapon a democrat can use. If they tell a group of people long enough that they are entitled to things, that group of people starts believing in it. Especially if that group already thinks along the lines they are being presented.

However, make no mistake, entitlement is the biggest lie ever told. No one is entitled to anything except our god given rights.

One of them is pursuit of happiness. Now, I implore you to try to analyze the democratic view of entitlement. For example, health care . Think about it like this:  if everyone get’s free healthcare, people that provide health care will not be properly compensated and there fore will not be happy. Basically, what democrats are insinuating is that it is O.K. for a group of people to be unhappy, so the other group can be happy.

Now I ask you, who is going to decide which group deserves to be happy and which group doesn’t? The answer is simple: if we are ever to allow Socialism (which is a platform of most of our current democratic nominees) – the government will decide which group of people should be miserable to make another group happy. It is clearly the most unfair and backwards system ever existed.

A perfect example are the subway riots in NY this week. Those who rioted are convinced that they are entitled to a free fare. As we all know subway fares go to operational costs of trains and salaries of MTA employees. Apparently, people that rioted this week didn’t ask themselves this question: If we all stop paying subway fares, how are the people that work for MTA going to get compensated?

The answer is simple – they won’t. And these are not some millionaires or billionaires that the left is so bent out of shape about. These are every day, simple, hardworking Americans, that go to work so they can get paid and feed their families.

So, basically people that protested in the subways this week – were protesting regular people being employed and being able to feed their families. What is truly mind boggling, but such a pure display of the liberal hypocrisy – they felt it was ok to spend over $5 for gorilla glue to vandalize turnstiles, but $2.75 for a subway ride wasn’t O.K.?

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