Terrible legacy of Obama administration

Someone has asked me recently, what was my opinion about the divide in our country. I had to think about it for a while and following is my conclusion. We are not divided because we have because we believe different things. We are not divided because of a difference of the color of our skin, […]Read More

Inner workings of Socialism, the economic side.

The foundation of socialism, the two pillars is rests on are the laziness and jealousy. Through out the history, every time Socialism was promoted it played on those two feelings. Laziness – you don’t have to work hard to achieve anything, Socialism will give you things for free. Jealousy – the other person has more […]Read More

A short analysis of 2/19/2020 Democratic debate

The outcome of tonight’s democratic debate: Not a single one of them cares about the people or the country. As soon as the arguments started it all became abundantly clear – all they are trying to do is beat Trump. Not improve our lives, not do something good for the American people. Their only goal […]Read More

Blatant display of anti Americanism by the democrats in Congress Last night we were privileged to witness one of the most passionate and patriotic State of the Union addresses in our history. Not only it was made abundantly clear that our POTUS truly puts America first, but he also can and will stand up to the radical left and their policies plaguing our Congress. […]Read More

Entitlement – greatest weapon of Democratic Party.

It is no secret that one of the major arguments that democrats are using is entitlement. They tell their constituents that they are entitled to free health care, free tuition, free this, free that. Being that our younger generation already feel that they are entitled to things, it is an easiest psychological weapon a democrat […]Read More

Why elections are important, especially in 2020.

As we idly stand and watch how our basic constitutional rights are under constant attack by the liberals, media and majority of the democratic party, I want the reader to ask themselves: Why are elections important? I would like to give my point of view. A lot of Americans decided not to vote in 2016 […]Read More

How did we get to this point?

Artwork by James Smullins Where did we go wrong? When did we let our guard down and lose our vigilance. How did we, all of us, allow the plague of communism spread so uncontrollably wide in our midst. This is a second generation of our children being indoctrinated in schools. Why do we allow this? […]Read More

Anecdote about Socialism

This is one of my all time favorites. It perfectly depicts the basic principle of Socialism. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A young fellow is walking home from a party. He is in incredibly good mood. He had a couple of drinks, he feels great. He has a brand new bright white suit on and he’s skipping home from […]Read More

Why the left is fighting God so hard

They want to take over power. Our Constitution is written in a way, where they can not do that without violating the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is based on our inalienable rights. The rights that were given to us by God and no man can not and shall not take those rights away from […]Read More

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