• July 25, 2024

Families and Vets Headed to Army Navy Football Game in MA Lose Hotel Reservations to Illegal Immigrants

 Families and Vets Headed to Army Navy Football Game in MA Lose Hotel Reservations to Illegal Immigrants

Multiple familes and veterans who were planning to attend the Army/Navy football game in Massachusetts recently learned that their hotel reservations have been cancelled because the state needs the hotel rooms for illegal border crossers.

Massachusetts Dem Governor Maura Healy recently declared a state of emergency over the flood of illegals into the state.

This is what Americans last looks like.

Townhall reports:

Hotel Rooms for Army-Navy Fans Canceled to House Illegal Immigrants

Many service members, veterans and their families who booked hotel rooms for the upcoming Army-Navy football game in Massachusetts had their reservations canceled to house illegal immigrants.

According to the Boston Herald, a travel agent who managed the travel bookings for many families headed to the game this weekend revealed that at least 70 rooms across three hotels were canceled. Reportedly, Massachusetts was recently contracted to put illegal immigrants in hotels in the state.

A spokesperson for a hotel management company that operates hotels near Gillette Stadium, where the game is being held, confirmed that the rooms were “taken back” to house “refugees.”

“There is no sporting event that is more patriotic than the Army-Navy game. It’s beyond shameful that anyone tied to the game and its traditions is having to scramble for a place to stay while hotel rooms are being handed out to folks who largely don’t even know that the game exists,” Mark Harris at Outkick wrote about the situation.

This is a disgrace.

Scores of military veterans, service academy graduates and families are scrambling to find hotel rooms for the big Army-Navy game at Gillette Stadium Dec. 9 because their reservations were canceled to make way for migrant families. https://t.co/YFKJkGsJzY

— Boston Herald (@bostonherald) October 4, 2023

Biden’s “America and Americans Last” policies continue. https://t.co/o69I6ON7ks

— Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) October 4, 2023

As a military mom, this breaks my heart. It’s disgraceful! https://t.co/NWXdJuj1rw

— TallTanOne (@TallTanOne) October 4, 2023

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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