• December 6, 2023

Never Before!! Iranian spies in U.S. govt

 Never Before!! Iranian spies in U.S.  govt

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign



Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida


Ya know this govt sent $ to Palestine, I’m sure it was for ‘humanitarian’ aid we also sent $ to Iran in addition to the 6 billion we hear about, of course for ‘humanitarian’ aid & we no longer enforce the oil embargo we had on Iran which resulted in Iran earning around 50 billion in oil sales. My question is why is this govt assisting countries who are not our friends? I find these factual events quite troubling. Assisting our friends is noble it’s what friends do as much as we can afford. But to assist countries who cry for the destruction of America can only be evil. There is more, now I hear there are Iranian spies in our govt placed there by members of the govt. This must be the Twilight Zone really; this can’t be happening. But it all is & it’s only one issue of many causing harm to America. I think the Wakeup call was when the Parent’s stood up for children. That caused a lot of people to look closer at govt & realize there was much more going on in America than the faulty education of children.

The attacks on America are endless from all directions although America has been under attack since your parents were born, it is nothing new for those Americans who were watching govt. However, the rest just weren’t paying attention, we were busy living our American life. The difference now is the attacks are no longer a congressional bill here or a regulation there no one pays attention to; they are numerous & out in the open. A lot more Americans are watching govt & realize their ‘American Life’ is in jeopardy. I still have faith in that American Patriot Spirit that created this nation.

Dems don’t like hearings they can’t control. They also don’t like the Israel issue they can’t control. Since they have come into office this govt has insulted & caused harm to Israel, those are the facts. I don’t listen to what they say but watch what they do. The govt has a problem because vocal members of govt oppose Israel, help one & offend the other. Now the govt is forced to say they support Israel & are we capable of supporting two wars, Ukraine & Israel? Both of which this government’s policies help create.

I watched the House inquiry hearing, amazing, just to mention one, the Dems allege there is a conspiracy between Trump & the ‘Maga” Republicans & somehow, it’s bad for America. First, what do they think Maga means? Second, it is a conspiracy between ‘WeThePeople’ & Republicans. To me, Maga means the avenue WTP has chosen to support politicians who share the belief of preserving America. If you must have a definition why not Maga means the voice of WTP, so to attack Maga is to attack WTP. I see the Dems falling apart at this hearing, the documented & sworn evidence is a constant barrier they are forced to dance around by refusing to speak to the evidence, they deny it exists. The problem they have is the average logical person clearly sees what is going on here, they are ‘gaslighting,’ trying to twist reality. When Rep Jake LaTurner R-KS spoke at the hearing & clearly in detail explained how the Dems were ‘gaslighting,’ that summed up the entire hearing for me. If ya don’t know the term ya have to look it up its important to understand what the Dems are doing.

Whenever this govt said something, I would research it & consistently found it to be untrue. It’s reached the point where I no longer take the time to verify it, I just assume everything they say is a lie or misleading. That is not a good place for people to be when it comes to the credibility of their govt & I realize this is not our govt, but it is in opposition to all we call America, never in our history has this abuse been so widespread & never have we been forced to accept this reality. We truly are on our own WTP against the govt & it’s scary & I constantly remind myself; we are the majority; we have the numbers to overcome this unbelievable attack. We just must make our voice heard & constantly contact our representatives in local & federal govt to make our views known. We must rely on the process our Founders left us & vote people who support this govt out of office.

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