• June 17, 2024

It is entirely appropriate for the president to be rooting

Matt Gaetz, U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district, was on the Mark Levin’s Life Liberty and Levin and stated, “I believe that the Ukraine knockoff sequel to the Russia hoax is a direct consequence of the humiliation that Adam Schiff a lot of folks on the left and frankly the mainstream media feel after peddling […]Read More

Close to Uncovering DNC Ukrainian Crime

Attkisson: If Sperry Reporting Correct CIA ‘Whistleblower’ Likely Worried Trump Admin Is Getting Close to Uncovering DNC Ukrainian Crimes ** The so-called “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is a Democrat who had a “professional” tie to a 2020 Democrat. ** Ciaramella  coordinated and took guidance from Adam Schiff’s staff and Schiff lied about it. ** Schiff’s staff recommended attorneys for the so called […]Read More

A Candidate’s Guide to Getting Listed on Ballotpedia and Vote

By @NYGuy13 In addition to mainstream social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, two great resources for candidates to reach potential voters are Ballotpedia (ballotpedia.org) and Vote Smart (votesmart.org). Let’s take a closer look at each and how to get listed: Ballotpedia.org Ballotpedia is a nonpartisan and nonprofit website run by the Lucy […]Read More


By Derameth Nasstra How the History of Feminism Ruined True Women’s Rights Moving from Constitutional equality to being silent on transgendered women taking away rights from women athletes this is how today’s feminists have become a travesty of their original purposes. The beginning of the movement actually started with women suffrage throughout the world.  The […]Read More

30 Big Hoaxes and Lies on Americans

by Corey Dig GLOBAL,  U.S. 30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans September 24, 2019 Confused by what’s real and what’s a hoax or a flat-out lie? The magnitude of hoaxes and lies being perpetrated by Deep State is so expansive, they had to cover their tracks by having Google/YouTube conceal search results for “hoax,” […]Read More

Schiff in TWO Lies!

by Matt Palumbo Liberal Fact Checker Catches Schiff in TWO Lies When it comes to the Democrats latest faux-scandal, this one regarding a phone call President Donald Trump had with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, the man leading the charge (Adam Schiff) just can’t stop lying. There was already reason to be skeptical of the whistleblower complaint […]Read More

Global corruption purge?

by Martin Geddes #TheStorm How to prepare for a global corruption purge? In the last few weeks my thoughts have drifted towards the events of this autumn that are going to shake our world. We have seen all the pieces being put in place for a mass justice event in the USA — the like […]Read More

The Democrat party has gone completely insane

While we’re creating jobs and killing terrorists the Democrat Party has gone completely insane. the Democrat Party has gone completely insane. President Donald J. Trump Tweet The radical left is determined to transform America into a country you would not recognize. We are the ones standing in their way and we will never get out […]Read More

We deserve better

Clearly there are people that we serve with that don’t like the results of the 2016 election. That’s their prerogative. But the country next year will be deciding who our president is going to be. It should not be Nancy Pelosi and a small group of people that she selects that get to determine who’s […]Read More