• March 23, 2023

“WINE” with Nader, Epstein & The Clintons

George Nader just plead guilty to child pornography charges, and his ‘statement of facts’ contains key information that resembles other child predator cases. Corey takes you through his plea deal and how it may connect to his other indictment for funneling over $3.5 million in foreign campaign funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She […]Read More


WE ARE NO LONGER STEALTH PATRIOTS WE ARE UNITED , STRONG, ANGRY , AND READY  Want to make a true difference on twitter. We also have large membership on Facebook. We have our own web site and we feature the latest technology. Stand up KAG and contact me to join us where your efforts count. […]Read More

Jay-Z & Beyonce Stayed Seated During Super Bowl LIV National

Nick Kangadis , @Kangadis44February. 3. 2020 It must be nice to be able to go from being a violent drug dealer who once shot his own brother to billionaire and publicly show that you think you’re still oppressed. It’s either that or extreme ignorance. Rapper/mogul Jay-Z and his wife, singer/actress Beyonce, attended Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night with their child […]Read More

Jason Foglesong for Congress (R) Texas

I’m Jason Foglesong and I want to serve in the House of Representatives, for Texas District 13.  That’s a big district, stretching from the Panhandle down to Gainesville.  If you’re at all familiar, Mac Thornberry has represented us for the past 25 years or so. I have been a resident of Amarillo for just over […]Read More

Entitlement – greatest weapon of Democratic Party.

It is no secret that one of the major arguments that democrats are using is entitlement. They tell their constituents that they are entitled to free health care, free tuition, free this, free that. Being that our younger generation already feel that they are entitled to things, it is an easiest psychological weapon a democrat […]Read More

Trump Battles Al Qaeda At Home And Abroad

Source Link  2020: The Year of The Dead Terrorist… …and President Trump is celebrating by playing golf. @realdonaldtrump Twitter President Trump is a brilliant Commander-in-Chief. Current government officials report that another prospective leader of al Qaeda was killed in a January airstrike in Yemen. CNN reported In 2017 that the austere religious scholar known as Qasim al-Rimi sent President Donald Trump […]Read More