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Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens-Part III

 Silver Lining: How Probate Courts, Lawyers and Guardians Rip-off Senior Citizens-Part III

By Adrian J. Wright

This report will require several parts to conclude. It will take the reader through a series of events from the personal evidence and stories of families who have gone and continue to live through it.

Part Three: The Art of Creating Conflict

You receive a summons to appear in court from the Adult Probate judge in your local county. Amid all the things on your plate involving caring for your loved, the last thing you expected to be spending your time, energy and yes, YOUR MONEY on, is defending the directives that have been in place via Power of Attorney. But that is just what happens when the “so-called” justice system gets involved in “managing” the affairs of a disabled senior. Think justice is blind; think again. Think justice is fair; not so. Think justice is swift; slow as a snail, with sinister intentions. You didn’t think this was about putting advance directives on record with the court, did you? Let’s take a journey through what really goes on within the Adult Probate system and why “they” intentionally create conflict to enrich the coffers of the lawyers, guardians and judges!

To be clear, the writer states that this orchestrated theft-ring shows no mercy to anyone! It doesn’t matter if the victim is urban, suburban or rural; black, white, yellow or brown; wealthy, working class, or just getting by, if there is a pot of gold attached to the disabled person, everyone, including the unsuspected family members are fair game. And, it’s just that to the judges, lawyers, guardians and agencies that are part of this billion dollar con! Their first tactic is to create confusion and conflict! They, along with a family member or social service worker that filed the documents bringing this matter to court, have been coordinating and rehearsing their parts long before you had a clue! They know which family member and/or individual is the object of attack and all supporting team members. So, with the plays established, the lawyers begin the dialogue. They pick the courtroom, usually one with their favorite bought and corrupt judge, they have their guardian wing person all set to swoop in as an “unbiased” Friend of the Court or Eyes of the Judge, and then there’s the official doctor’s report (yes, even they are hand-picked at times) stating what condition the disabled adult is currently in, suggesting that this STEP for guardianship is necessary to assist the disabled or rehabilitating senior.

Did you attend the “hearing” pro se (representing yourself without an attorney) and why wouldn’t you have? First, mistake! Judges, courts officials and lawyers see you as food for the sharks and will rip you up and devour you for the sake of showing you who’s the boss! Never mind those advanced directives, POA or any other documents in place giving you the decision making authority. YOU have become public enemy number one and MUST at all costs, be eliminated from the equation! Remember, the fix was already in before you reached the court room; their focus is to paint you as irresponsible, irrational, manipulative and potentially abusive, so you will be relieved of your duties. The POA will be suspended and a temporary guardian will be appointed until such time that a permanent solution is reached among the parties. But remember, in this arena, justice will be a slow, agonizing, expensive and contentious process; not for the disable adult, but for those who get in the way of the wolf pack!  Want to guess who is now in charge of making decisions for your loved one?

Part Four of Silver Lining will expose the corrupt organizational structure, beginning with Who’s On First!

*Note: Be sure to read Part One: https://conservativechoicecampaign.com/silver-lining-how-probate-courts-lawyers-and-guardians-rip-off-senior-citizens/  Part Two: https://conservativechoicecampaign.com/silver-lining-how-probate-courts-lawyers-and-guardians-rip-off-senior-citizens-2/

Adrian Wright is an independent investigative and forensic journalist in Chicago, Illinois

To contact or contribute to the Report, contact her at [email protected]

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