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Staten Island Residents Are So Frustrated With Illegal Immigrants That They Want to Secede From New York City

 Staten Island Residents Are So Frustrated With Illegal Immigrants That They Want to Secede From New York City

People in Staten Island have had it with the steady flow of illegal immigrants into their community and calls are growing for the borough to secede and break away from New York City.

Staten Island is very different than other parts of New York. It is much more conservative than the other boroughs and has lots of Republicans and Trump supporters.

They don’t like how the problem is being handled by Mayor Adams. They see where this is going and they want no part of it.

Zero Hedge reports:

Calls Grow For Staten Island To Secede From NYC As Illegal Immigrant Crisis Escalates

Staten Island, long known as the forgotten borough, has often flirted with the idea of breaking off from the rest of the city. It has always been an outlier within the five boroughs, with a majority conservative Republican population that is often at odds with the rest of the city. Despite New York City’s status as a blue stronghold, the borough mostly voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020. However, in recent years, many residents have reached a breaking point over increases in crime and, more recently, the bussing of illegal immigrants into residential neighborhoods, according to Mr. Fossella.

“They dump these individuals into our neighborhoods and to my knowledge none of them have been vetted,” said Mr. Fossella.

“One of these migrant shelters is located directly across the street from two elementary schools and they just expect the people to take it. Why would we want to take that risk?

“The concern is legitimate. We are not as safe as we should be and the people are fed up.”…

The Staten Island battle for independence faces an uphill climb. Any chance of secession depends on the approval of both the New York City Council and the state Legislature. However, despite the long odds, a growing chorus of local officials are determined to keep fighting for the borough’s right to self-determination.

Here’s a clip of Representative Nicole Malliotakis talking about this:

“If you’re not gonna do your job, Mayor, then let Staten Island secede” Representative Nicole Malliotakis speaks at today’s protest against a new migrant shelter in New York pic.twitter.com/I4UJbdqNg9

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 29, 2023

Who can blame people for feeling this way?

Staten Island Residents Are So Frustrated With Illegal

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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