• July 22, 2024

USD Share of Global Reserves & Trade Dropped Off a Cliff After Sanctions

 USD Share of Global Reserves & Trade Dropped Off a Cliff After Sanctions

Biden is destroying the United States at a rapid pace. America is losing partners every week and as a result more nations follow this new trend. De-dollarization is the end of US power. @JoeBiden is failing so miserably that the US cannot afford to let him finish his term.

~ Kit Dot Com

Egyptian officials announced they’re moving away from the dollar in trade with BRICS countries and instead will use the local currencies of major trade partners. Egypt’s decision to de-dollarize with BRICS came about because they have applied to join BRICS.

Iran’s President has reiterated his country’s interest in joining BRICS.

Twelve new countries may join the group this year.

France’s Macron asked for an invitation to the BRICS summit. The French president would be the first Western leader to sit in on the gathering of emerging economies.

The sanctions are destroying the United States. Zero Hedge reports the West is going to war with BRICS. They will fail.

Reuters reports that key African economies will abandon the dollar in trade with BRICS. They can pay in US dollars, which they have to borrow from the IMF, with severe conditions. They can also pay in Yuan, obtained from the BRICS bank without conditions. That is an easy decision.

The administration has weaponized the dollar and is continuing to do it. It’s not only about Russia. Biden is trying to use the weapon against countries not buying into his PRIDE insanity.

The yuan has replaced the dollar.


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