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Unpack Your Mind for A New Way Forward

 Unpack Your Mind for A New Way Forward

Erase everything you thought you ever knew, observations you made along the way, and beliefs you came to believe as truth. Imagine yourself arriving on earth for the first time, only this time you arrive as an adult. Your soul is strong, your spirit elevated, and your mind has the capacity to filter through whatever comes your way. There are thousands of narratives moving at the speed of light, heading straight for you. But, it’s the first time you are seeing, hearing, and observing all of them. You’ve never witnessed or experienced any of the narratives spiraling toward you because you have just arrived on earth. Feel this space.

Everything you are about to digest is new to you. You know nothing about this planet, but you are about to embark on an adventure that allows you to discern for yourself that which resonates as self-empowering in a positive light for yourself and humanity. You find yourself in a quaint little home located in a subdivision with families surrounding. You have beautiful trees lining your front yard and a cozy habitat of nature filled with critters frolicking in your backyard. There is a nice elderly couple that lives to one side, and a beautiful family blooming with young children to your other side. You sit on your front porch for the first time and observe this neighborhood of people coming and going, rushing about, passing each other day and night, and it feels a bit rushed and disconnected.

Suddenly you realize you are hungry, but the fridge in your new home is barren. There are few neighbors around to ask because everyone seems to be away from their family lives for hours on end, so you go next door to see if the nice elderly couple can direct you to the nearest location with edibles. They kindly offer a couple of nearby suggestions, and you are off to gather food. When you arrive at the grocery store you are in dismay by the incredible abundance of options, only so many of the choices seem terribly unhealthy, and the labels are packed full of 5-point font size listing a myriad of words you’ve never heard of before. You head to the produce section and do your best to choose wisely, grabbing all foods that feel natural to you.

You’ve returned home to enjoy your first meal and realize there is this strange box in your living room. You hit the buttons until a light comes on and voices begin piping out so loudly it startles you. Amazed by this unique instrument, you begin hitting buttons to find there are so many different people talking about a variety of topics. Some of them appear to be talking directly to you, while others are talking among themselves. This all confuses you. Much of what is being said makes no sense, doesn’t resonate, seem contrived, and the people all seem like they are playing roles. What a strange new world you have arrived in. You don’t want to totally dismiss it, so you spend a few days assessing it, while also observing people in the neighborhood who aren’t talking from inside a box. Most of it doesn’t seem to line up, making it that much stranger.

This strange box has women talking about women’s equality and how they should be working and achieving positions that are equal to or higher than men. Another channel is saying that white men are trash and how all men are discriminatory toward women, while suggesting men get pregnant and have their periods just as women do. Something doesn’t seem right. You then walk outside and witness the mom across the street who is exhausted when she returns from a long day away. She’s hugging her young child and you can see in her eyes how much she loves him and missed spending time with him. She’s carrying a bag of goodies from a local food chain she had stopped at on her way, likely because she was too tired to cook when she returned home. None of this aligns with what you just observed on the strange box. In fact, you were chatting with her husband just the other day and he seemed like a very kind and considerate human being, so why is the strange box trashing men? Instead of taking cues from the strange box, you decide to invite this nice couple and their son over to dinner the following night, so you can cook up a wonderful meal for them and bring a little joy to their lives.

You had arrived with a clean slate, an unknowingness about this earth, with no preconceived notions, so it was all yours to explore, absorb, and discern. You could begin filling the chapters of your life with experiences and knowledge you learned along the way, and you could do this without allowing outside influence, because your eyes don’t play tricks on you, and your heart is pure. Your compassion for all living beings and this planet, was fresh, genuine, and unfettered. You have the ability to “feel” truth and it is your guiding source and your moral compass.

This was you when you were born, but you didn’t have the choice to shut out that which didn’t resonate. You had to take orders, do as you were told, listen to disinformation, and believe in what they wanted you to believe in. It’s time to unpack your mind, remove all of that which you were told was truth, but it never really resonated with you. It’s time to let go of all the things that have ultimately held you back, caused confusion, and created chaos in your life, and start anew with a fresh perspective as though you just stepped onto this earth for the first time. Unpacking all of those suitcases can be trying and time consuming for some, but it’s necessary to shed that which no longer serves you or those you care about. When you get down to a backpack, you will feel a hundred pounds lighter.

Knowing truth doesn’t have to be a burden, it can be a beacon of light to set you on a new path – one that gives you the opportunity to help others while working toward common goals and creating a life that brings you joy. Offer to help out a neighbor, a friend, or a complete stranger. What are you grateful for? Share that gratitude with the world and make it a little brighter. Discover what inspires you and begin creating the experiences you wish to have, fulfilling dreams you allowed to go dormant, and waking up your soul to all possibilities. Give yourself a clean slate and give the world your love.

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