• June 5, 2023


If you thought the Constitution, the economy, or hard-working patriotic Americans are what holds this country up, you were way the hell off. According to Chief Panders With Weirdos Elizabeth Warren it’s really black transgender, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people who are the “backbone of our democracy.” I honestly don’t know the difference between those 3 […]Read More


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was busted for his racist past including moonwalking in blackface, but he’s a democrat so liberals don’t care. Last week the both houses of the Virginia state legislature flipped from red to blue so with democrats in complete control of the state they are gearing up to shred the 2nd Amendment. […]Read More

Veterans Day: from deceit to liberty

Watch myself and Tye Jackson reflect on our Veterans Day experience today at the Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, TX. You know you are in Texas when your host laments that his gun is rattling in the side door pocket of his V8 truck. In the past week I have had two other moving Texan […]Read More

BANNON WAR ROOM Calls on Kevin McCarthy

BANNON WAR ROOM Calls on Kevin McCarthy to Add Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lee Zeldin to Schiff Show Trial Hearings …And DUMP WILL HURD! The Bannon War Room held a special edition on Monday night from 6 to 7 PM.     https://m8h8s5r8.ssl.hwcdn.net/5d30629ed0a9d1001cf8dd73.mp4 On Monday night The War Room called on Kevin McCarthy to load up the […]Read More

What you can do now to help

We need the absolute “killers” on the Intel committee to combat this impeachment farce. This Intel committee needs to be stacked with our best and brightest. McCarthy added Jordan but we should all call his office and have him add the following: Matt Gaetz – First District of Florida, Mark Meadows – North Carolina’s 11th […]Read More

Samuel Williams for Congress TX 16

by Samuel Williams We are all Americans The biggest issue in the United States is that its citizens have forgotten they are Americans. Our country is being divide by the political elites of both the Democratic party and the Republican party. They have divided people into so many sub-categories that people are forgetting that first […]Read More

BE AWARE: Attempted Bills on Homeschooling

BE AWARE: Attempted Bills on Homeschooling   by Corey Lynn via coreysdigs.com   I recently did a report on children’s books in schools and how the so-called education system is indoctrinating children and filling their minds with false agendas, one-sided views, trying to break family units, and fear mongering. I proposed some suggestions at the end of the article, then took to twitter to see what […]Read More

Tricia Flanagan for U.S. Senate

Veterans are our Country’s Greatest Assets By Tricia Flanagan Our country and the liberty that it has inspired has endured for over 243 years for a single reason, our Veterans.  The men and women who put aside their lives to represent and defend our nation are examples of selfless patriots.  The world knows that these […]Read More