• December 8, 2021

CBS Warns Common Words & Phrases Are Now Racist

By Kyle Drennen | March 10, 2020 On Tuesday, the hosts of CBS This Morning warned viewers that common words and phrases with no racial context whatsoever were now somehow examples of “racism” in everyday life. It was all part of a segment designed to promote a “new book teaching kids the roots of racism.” “Many […]Read More

Trump to pitch Congress on payroll tax cut in response

by Cassidy Morrison | March 09, 2020 President Trump said he will discuss a payroll tax cut and financial assistance for hourly wage workers with members of the Republican-led Senate Tuesday as a response to the growing coronavirus outbreak and its effects on the economy. The tax cut, Trump said at a press conference Monday evening, will […]Read More

Defense Contractor’s Arrest Exposes Another Element in Hizballah’s U.S. Infrastructure

IPT News March 9, 2020 Hizballah maintains a global network of operatives and spies working to widen the terrorist group’s presence from Latin America to Western Europe. As we’ve shown, the United States is no exception. Last week, a Department of Defense contract linguist, Mariam Taha Thompson, was charged with transferring highly classified intelligence to Hizballah. FBI agents arrested Thompson, 61, Feb. 27 at a […]Read More

Philip Haney: The Faithful Steward

By The Sharp Edge As a whistleblower with integrity to pursue the truth amidst persecution, Philip Haney was a faithful steward of a story much bigger than one man.  He found himself in the cross hairs of an international criminal syndicate of Islamic terrorist organizations, Mexican cartels, and a former administration who concealed their gun […]Read More

Deep State is petrified Trump is going to be the

Heading towards reelection, Trump is moving to ensure the deep state doesn’t try to derail the rest of his presidency By Jon Dougherty (TNS) By early January 2017, the first indications that then-President-elect Donald Trump was being targeted by the Deep State became apparent with initial reports detailing the counterintelligence operation known as “Crossfire Hurricane.” […]Read More

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