• June 5, 2023

Nashville Mayor Urges People to Join Him at Black Lives

Far Left Nashville Mayor John Cooper urged people to join him at the Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Nashville on Saturday. Mayor Cooper posted this tweet on Saturday morning. Mayor Cooper said, “This is an especially critical time for all of us, as Metro’s leaders, to show up and listen to Black voices speaking […]Read More

Portland’s Turn! Rioters Destroy Police HQ, Set It On Fire,

Not wanting to be outdone by the riots in Minneapolis and Atlanta, terrorists in Portland had their turn to destroy their city. Rioters stormed the Justice Center, which houses the police headquarters, preliminary court rooms, and the main county jail. Once they broke inside, they started looting and destroying the place. Then they set fire […]Read More

Shock Video: CNN Reporter Shot With BB Pellet, Protesters Throw

CNN’s Nick Valencia reported live from the second floor lobby of the CNN world headquarters building in Atlanta Friday night as violent protesters forced police to retreat inside the ground floor entrance. Valencia said he was shot with a BB pellet by protesters. Large glass doors were smashed. During the live report, protesters tried to […]Read More

Social Media Titans Take a Hit!

Steel Truth Fyk v. Facebook – The Fatal Blow to Social Media Jason Fyk, WTF Magazine Entrepreneur and former Social Media mogul, has lead the way for the DOJ and President Trump to take down and stop the Social Media Censorship that has plague people worldwide. Fyk’s lawsuit currently in the 9th Circuit has illuminated […]Read More

BENGHAZI EXPOSED, Interview with Mark Geist

Rudy W. Giuliani In episode 40 of Common Sense, we sit down with Mark Geist, a United States Marine credited with saving 25 people in the attack on Benghazi. In this interview, Mark provides an accurate account of what really happened in Benghazi. Don’t forget to comment below with your Common Sense and subscribe to […]Read More