• June 25, 2024

Prophecy of the Two Presidents | Kim Clement

Trey Smith 415K subscribers Prophecy of the Two Presidents is an unusual prophecy of a time of two presidents by Kim Clement. The prophecy seems to go hand-in-hand with another titled “Pandemonium in the White House.” These are strange times and indeed these are strange prophecies; but somehow they make crystal clear sense. I lay […]Read More

Democrats mount vendetta to destroy GOP By Don Frost

  Donald Trump is in virtual exile, stripped of official power, lacking any real political influence. So why impeach him? Why proceed with a Senate trial which is certain to be a political and media circus? Only those determined to make political hay would do that.             It began Jan. 6 when a mob of […]Read More

Rep. Liz Cheney On Verge Of Losing GOP House Leadership

A few weeks ago, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney voted with Democrats to impeach President Trump. Now she might pay dearly for that decision. Other Republicans in the House are gearing up to remove her from a leadership role. The Federalist reports: House Republicans Prepare To Oust Liz Cheney From Leadership House Republicans are gearing […]Read More

Biden Hack Jen Psaki Trashes President Trump for Policies and

Biden hack Jen Psaki lies about the children at the border and President Trump’s amazing efforts in addressing illegal immigrants and Mark Morgan let her have it. The Biden team and the Big Media and Big Tech are off to change history while doing everything Americans don’t want done.  Tonight Greg Kelly on Newsmax brought […]Read More

MRC Demands an End to Amazon’s Hate Against Conservatives

By Craig Bannister | February 2, 2021 Media Research Center President Brent Bozell on Tuesday released a statement on Amazon’s promotion of hate toward conservatives. Here is the statement in its entirety:   “Amazon has always hated conservatives. They conveniently claim to take a strong stance against violence and hate when they want to justify shutting down Parler, […]Read More