• December 7, 2023

Attorneys Fight for Constitutional Rights Against Tyranny

First, they wanted everyone masked and stocked up on hand sanitizer, then came the toilet paper mania, and in short time states were mandating stay-at-home quarantines and “non-essential” business closures due to COVID-19. What began as a two-week quarantine, turned into weeks and months, and by May they had crashed the entire economy. Everything was […]Read More

What Are You? What Are You Really?

By John Paul Rice The following was given to me by a Hollywood Veteran of 40+ years. “We are made in God’s image and have within us a microcosm the same forces, aspects of our nascent Unity. When we balance the aspects of God within us by daily prayer and meditation, judgement and mercy are […]Read More

Let’s Get Real Before Real Gets Us

The number one question in the U.S. right now is who is going to stop all this lawlessness from coast to coast? This is a multipronged approach at destabilizing our country to take it over. And whereas there are definitely some well overdue changes needed in this country, lighting a path for its destruction is […]Read More

US Space Force Must Trip The Light Fantastic

By James Fitzgerald Social and political affairs on Earth may currently be heated and divisive, but spare a thought for the US Space Force cadets who will soon be venturing into a place where “no one can hear you scream”. President Trump signed an Executive Order early last year that created a sixth branch of […]Read More

10 Fake News Tactics

Fake news used to be a twist of truth, a spin on a story, and an outlandish opinion, but now it’s become an in-your-face blatant lie, and they downright don’t give a damn that you know they are lying. Now more than ever it is critical that people learn how to quickly sift through the […]Read More

Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare

This is an important pictorial book illustrating the psychological warfare taking place across America, with the same playbook being implemented in other countries, while hypocrisy is at an all-time high masquerading as fulfilling agendas. The majority of images depicted throughout are hyperlinked to direct articles, tweets, and videos. This complete book can be downloaded in […]Read More

Defy Their Wrath and Walk The Path

What is the “new normal?” How can there be a “new normal” if there was never truly a “normal” to begin with? Wordplay, that’s all it is. You can choose to give weight to words, to fear the words, or create an extravagant futuristic story around the words, but at the end of the day, […]Read More

PC Brigade Marches Towards A Life of Hard Knocks

By James Fitzgerald One of my favorite low-budget films from the 1980s was John Carpenter’s Escape from New York — an urban nightmare, where the imperial US is perpetually at war and the degeneracy of society results in a whole city being turned into a maximum security purgatory. Presumably the backstory involved protests that got […]Read More

Weeding Out Distractions & Maintaining Focus: 4 Key Focal Points

Those wishing to destroy America, take away our freedoms, and bring us to our knees, are carrying out multiple agendas simultaneously, while creating mass scale distractions as they change policies and legislation in the shadows. It is critical that people learn to weed out the distractions and maintain focus on the key areas in which […]Read More

Protesters Provide Cover While The Country Bleeds

Take a step back, now take a look in the mirror – did you fall prey to their game, again? This is it – this is their master class. This is psychological warfare, all rolled out with a grand form of synchronicity, that most didn’t even see coming, or take a breath to see what’s […]Read More